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An Example of Accessing Mifare Classic CardsTzuling LinJan 03, 2024
Audio Jack CareJackson GrimmJan 03, 2024
Augusta QC KB: How Do I Set My Device's Serial Number for an EMV Transaction?Jason CJan 03, 2024
Augusta, Android, and USB Keyboard Mode IntegrationJackson GrimmJan 03, 2024
Bit and Byte NumberingIT-ADMIN GJan 03, 2024
Blog1001: Talk to a Credit Card Reader over RS-232 with Google ChromeIT-ADMIN GNov 14, 2022
Blog1005: How to Parse Magstripe Credit Card DataIT-ADMIN GOct 27, 2022
Blog1006: Introducing Augusta with Quick Chip: A Faster Way to Do EMVIT-ADMIN GNov 14, 2022
Blog1007: Read a Chip Card in Two Seconds with AugustaIT-ADMIN GNov 14, 2022
Blog1008: A Chip-Card Reader That Outputs Text!IT-ADMIN GOct 27, 2022
Blog1009: How to Parse TLVs in JavaScriptIT-ADMIN GOct 27, 2022
BluScan IDBA-4243LRB: Removing the Enter at the End of Data OutputYan MuJan 10, 2024
Can an Augusta be injected with a DEK, but with encryption not enabled?Yan MuJan 02, 2024
Can I update the firmware on a SecuRED?IT-ADMIN GJan 10, 2024
Can I Use an iMagProII to Form-Fill a Website on Safari?Chris BartonJan 10, 2024
Can I Use my ID TECH Bluetooth Reader with Windows?Richard BrooksFeb 22, 2024
Can ID TECH tell me what AIDs, CAPKs, and Terminal Settings I Need to Load into my EMV Reader?IT-ADMIN GJan 12, 2024
Can One VP3300 Bluetooth Reader Connect to Multiple Host Devices Simultaneously Without Disconnecting from Other Devices?Yan MuJan 12, 2024
Can SecureKey Require the User to Enter a CVV?IT-ADMIN GJan 12, 2024
Can the Firmware be updated on the UniPay 1.5? IT-ADMIN GJan 29, 2024
Can the SREDKey 2 be Key Injected by the Same Method as a SREDKey?Yan MuJan 12, 2024
Connecting a VP3600 to iOS or Android via BluetoothGregory MonroeJan 12, 2024
Contact EMV Transaction, Phase 3 of 3: Complete TransactionIT-ADMIN GJan 12, 2024
Cryptogram and EMV Transaction FlowIT-ADMIN GJan 15, 2024
Detecting Card Insertion with a MiniSmart IIIT-ADMIN GJan 15, 2024
Do I need to load CAPKs for a device deployed in the US (online only market)?IT-ADMIN GJan 15, 2024
Do you have a extension cable that works with UniMagII/Shuttle?Yan MuJan 15, 2024
Do you have a tool for calculating the CRC for a command?Yan MuJan 15, 2024
Do you have an example of how one might configure the VP3300 or any contactless reader for an L3 certification?IT-ADMIN GJan 15, 2024
Does the UniMag SDK have 64-bit support?Jackson GrimmJan 15, 2024
Does the VP5300 support the MasterCard Relay Resistance Protocol? If so, how to activate it?Yan MuJan 15, 2024
During a contact EMV transaction, when are the ARQC, AAC, AC, and their corresponding CDOL1 generated?Yan MuJan 15, 2024
EMV L3 Certification OverviewChris BartonJan 16, 2024
EMV L3 certification: Which test cases need to be tested, and with what configuration?IT-ADMIN GJan 16, 2024
EMV transaction, how was the card presented (Swiped, Tapped or Dipped...MSD, Fallback)?Tzuling LinJan 16, 2024
EMV Transactions with Universal SDKIT-ADMIN GJan 16, 2024
Examples of parsing - Vendi, NeoIT-ADMIN GJan 16, 2024
Fall back flow with L2 common KernelIT-ADMIN GJan 16, 2024
FAQ - AndroidIT-ADMIN GJan 25, 2024
FAQ - BTMagIT-ADMIN GJan 25, 2024
FAQ - EconoScan & Versa ScanIT-ADMIN GJan 25, 2024
FAQ - EconoScanIIIT-ADMIN GJan 25, 2024
FAQ - Encryption DecryptionIT-ADMIN GJan 25, 2024
FAQ - How to configure a barcode scanner to give a time stamp.Jackson GrimmJan 25, 2024
FAQ - iMag Pro IIIT-ADMIN GOct 08, 2018
FAQ - Key InjectionIT-ADMIN GJan 26, 2024
FAQ - Magnetic Encoders and EZWriterIT-ADMIN GJan 26, 2024
FAQ - MiniMag & Easy MagIT-ADMIN GJan 26, 2024
FAQ - OMNI ReadersIT-ADMIN GJan 26, 2024
FAQ - Spectrum HybridIT-ADMIN GJan 26, 2024
FAQ - SREDKeyIT-ADMIN GJan 26, 2024
FAQ - UnipayIT-ADMIN GJan 29, 2024
FAQ - ValueScanIIIT-ADMIN GJan 29, 2024
FAQ - VersakeyIT-ADMIN GJan 29, 2024
FAQ: Customer Support PortalIT-ADMIN GJan 29, 2024
FAQ: XamarinYan MuFeb 22, 2024
FAQ: 2D ScanIT-ADMIN GJan 29, 2024
FAQ: 2DScan FX100IT-ADMIN GJan 29, 2024
FAQ: Augusta Quick Chip Keyboard (QCKB)Jason CJan 29, 2024
FAQ: General SupportIT-ADMIN GJan 29, 2024
FAQ: Mobile Card ReadersIT-ADMIN GJan 29, 2024
FAQ: SmartPIN L100IT-ADMIN GJan 29, 2024
FAQ: ViVOconfigIT-ADMIN GJan 29, 2024
Grounding guidelines for IDTECH readers to optimize the ESD protectionYan MuJan 29, 2024
How can I add an "Enter" or a carriage return to the end output of an SREDKey 2, SREDKye, or a SecureKey?IT-ADMIN GJan 30, 2024
How can I check if encryption is enabled for my SecureMag/SecureHead? i.e. How do I check the security level on a SecureMag/SecureHead?IT-ADMIN GJan 30, 2024
How can I check if my mobile device is compatible with an audio jack mobile reader?IT-ADMIN GJan 30, 2024
How Can I Check the KSI for a VP3300?Yan MuJan 30, 2024
How can I configure my contactless reader to perform Card Emulation (ISO 18092)?IT-ADMIN GJan 30, 2024
How can I decrypt encrypted data?IT-ADMIN GJan 30, 2024
How Can I Extend the Wake Time of My VP3300 BT?Richard BrooksJan 30, 2024
How can I gain an in-depth understanding of contact and contactless EMV technologies?IT-ADMIN GJan 31, 2024
How can I get, find and retrieve EMV Tags?IT-ADMIN GJan 31, 2024
How Can I Tell if Encryption is Enabled for a VP3300?Yan MuJan 31, 2024
How Can I Use RKI (Remote Key Injection) From the uDemo?Miles BonnerJan 31, 2024
How Can I Verify TDES/AES Mode and if a Data Encryption Key is Injected for VP3300? Yan MuJan 31, 2024
How do I Check and Activate Encryption on the Augusta?Jason CJan 31, 2024
How Do I Check if a VP5300 Reader and L-100 PINPad are Paired?Yan MuJan 31, 2024
How do I check my encryption Status for a NEO device?Miles BonnerJan 31, 2024
How do I check the extended firmware version for an Augusta(S) reader?IT-ADMIN GJan 31, 2024
How do I check the extended firmware version for an Spectrum Pro reader?IT-ADMIN GJan 31, 2024
How do I configure the prefix, suffix, postamble, preamble, and start/end sentinels to an SecureMag, SecureHead (Secure line of readers) Reader?Jackson GrimmFeb 01, 2024
How do I configure the ValueScan II bar code scanner to work with CurvesOS?Yan MuFeb 01, 2024
How do I determine if a mobile service was used to process a sale (with Apple Pay etc.)?Yan MuFeb 01, 2024
How Do I Disable Contactless MSD Transactions?Yan MuFeb 01, 2024
How do I enable encryption for a NEO device?Miles BonnerFeb 01, 2024
How Do I Enable/Disable Quick Chip for KeyBoard Emulation (QCKB) on the Augusta?Miles BonnerFeb 01, 2024
How Do I Find the VID/PID (Vendor ID/Product ID) for my USB-connected reader?IT-ADMIN GFeb 02, 2024
How do I know if ODA is performed or not?Tzuling LinFeb 02, 2024
How Do I Pair My Spectrum Pro and L100?Miles BonnerFeb 02, 2024
How Do I Prepare My Contact/Contactless EMV Reader for EMV Transactions?IT-ADMIN GFeb 02, 2024
How Do I Read DESFire Cards?Tzuling LinFeb 02, 2024
How Do I Reset a PiP to Delete All Merchant IDs?Yan MuFeb 02, 2024
How do I set CAPKs (Certification Authority Public Keys? (L3 certification purposes)Jason CFeb 02, 2024
How Do I Set my Contactless Reader to Read MSD only cards?Miles BonnerFeb 02, 2024
How Do I Set the Keyboard Polling Interval on a SREDKey/SecureKey?IT-ADMIN GNov 30, 2022
How Do I Set the Whitelist on VP3300 and Augusta Readers?Tzuling LinNov 22, 2022
How do I set/check the Keyboard Polling Interval for an SREDKey?IT-ADMIN GJun 04, 2018
How do I slow down/fix the output of the reader using the Set Character Delay command/feature?IT-ADMIN GMar 19, 2018
How Do I Test or Use an Audio Jack Reader Such as Shuttle, UniMag, UniPay, or VP3300AJ?Jackson GrimmNov 30, 2022
How do I update the firmware on a Spectrum Pro?IT-ADMIN GSept 21, 2018
How do I update the firmware on the Augusta/MiniSmart II?Miles BonnerNov 20, 2018
How do I verify that my Spectrum Pro is injected with a key and is encrypting MSR and EMV data?IT-ADMIN GNov 22, 2016
How Do I Verify the Key in a MiniSmart II Reader?Yan MuApr 20, 2023
How Do I Verify the Key in a SecureHead or a SecureMag?Yan MuJan 02, 2024
How Does a VP3300 BT Connect to Apps?Tzuling LinNov 30, 2022
How does an ID TECH encrypted card reader identify a card as a "financial card"?Yan MuMar 28, 2018
How does one split / combine cryptographic keys?IT-ADMIN GNov 08, 2018
How long do I need to wait before next swipe (SecureMag)?IT-ADMIN GApr 20, 2023
How to Add a Post-Amble of Enter to the Output for an Augusta/Augusta S in KBQC ModeYan MuApr 20, 2023
How to adjusting the RTC in VP5300 to make transaction times accurately reflect local time?Yan MuJan 02, 2024
How to arm reader for any card presentation (swipe, dip, tap)IT-ADMIN GApr 11, 2019
How to capture / trace USB communications with an ID TECH device using BusHound?IT-ADMIN GAug 05, 2019
How to Change a VP6300 Reader's Baud Rate from the Default to 9600Yan MuApr 20, 2023
How to Change the CVM Result from "No CVM Performed" to "Online PIN"Yan MuApr 20, 2023
How to change the masked data presentation on a VP5300 (or other NEO device)? pre-PAN, post-PAN and mask characterIT-ADMIN GJun 11, 2018
How to change USB-KB mode data to look the same as USB-HID data?IT-ADMIN GApr 20, 2023
How to check (and set) if my SecuRED is in USB/HID or USB/KB and how to check the security level?Yan MuAug 09, 2019
How to check and set the date and time (RTC real time clock) on a NEO device (UniPay 1.5) in uDemoIT-ADMIN GOct 23, 2019
How to Check Key Status and Key Info for NEO or NEO 2 ProductsIT-ADMIN GNov 09, 2023
How to check MiniSmart II Key status.Brian ChiuFeb 19, 2020
How to check the battery level of the audio or BlueTooth version VP3300 reader?Yan MuFeb 02, 2024
How to check the extended firmware version for MiniSmart II?Yan MuFeb 02, 2024
How to check whether the VP5300 reader and L100 pin-pad are paired or not?Yan MuApr 20, 2023
How to Clear the Removal Detection Logs in an L80 Using a VP5300?Jason CMar 25, 2024
How to Clear the Removal Detection Logs in an L80?Miles BonnerFeb 05, 2024
How to clone the configuration setting from a known working MiniMag II or SecureMag reader to a new reader?Yan MuApr 20, 2023
How to Configure the Date and Time on MiniSmart II?IT-ADMIN GJan 12, 2024
How to Configure VP3300\VP8300 for Quick Chip KB (QCKB) emulation over HID?IT-ADMIN GAug 01, 2019
How to connect VP3300 BT to iPhone/iPad using SDK demo appTzuling LinNov 29, 2022
How to control the Augusta output speed in QC USB KB mode?Yan MuApr 20, 2023
How to control the pre-PAN/Post-Pan with the mag stripe mask data returned by the VP5300 via the 02-40 command?Yan MuApr 20, 2023
How to control which tracks are output on SecureMag, SecureHead, MiniMag, Omni?IT-ADMIN GSept 27, 2019
How to decrypt a PIN block (tag 99) using uDemo?IT-ADMIN GApr 02, 2018
How to Decrypt Credit Card Data, Part IIT-ADMIN GNov 22, 2019
How to Decrypt Credit Card Data, Part IIIT-ADMIN GNov 22, 2019
How to decrypt transaction data using test key and KSN?IT-ADMIN GFeb 02, 2024
How to delete/disable AIDs on contactless readersIT-ADMIN GNov 25, 2019
How to disable (lock) the Admin key on the SecureKey and SREDKey?Yan MuDec 06, 2017
How to disable Contactless Magstripe transactions on the reader?Yan MuFeb 05, 2024
How to disable the power saving of the USB ports on my PC?Yan MuApr 20, 2023
How to display a message on LCD display of Vendi reader?IT-ADMIN GMar 20, 2019
How to Enable Escape Command for TM3 USB CCID driverYan MuOct 24, 2016
How to Enable RRP on NEO 2 ProjectsTzuling LinNov 28, 2022
How to enable the swipe of a non-chip magnetic-only card with an Augusta/Augusta S that is working in KBQC Mode?Yan MuJan 02, 2024
How to enable USB-HID mode on SREDKeyRyan HoNov 08, 2018
How to fix "Start EMV failed Error Code: 0xF212: Transaction Type Error" on Augusta USB-HID modeRyan HoJan 04, 2019
How to fix the "Fail to Open" PS2 KB MSR with the latest JPOS MSR driver 80128802-002 on a Windows Embedded POSReady 7?(32bit)Yan MuApr 20, 2023
How to Get and Set the Friendly Name for a VP3300BTIT-ADMIN GNov 30, 2022
How to get RS232 interface SpectrumIII hybrid insert reader out of the PCSC mode?Yan MuFeb 05, 2024
How to get the KSN or KSI from an AugustaIT-ADMIN GMay 13, 2019
How to get the updated USB serial driver for the WCR3227-xxxU series?Yan MuApr 20, 2023
How to get the USB/HID TransArmor SecureMag (model: IDRE-335133B-RP) recognized correctly by Windows 8/10?Yan MuApr 20, 2023
How to handle Issuer Scripts un an EMV transaction?IT-ADMIN GMay 14, 2018
How to load (with SDK) a standard SREDKEY (IDSK-534883AEB) to Shift 4 SREDKEY (IDSK-534883AEB-S1)?IT-ADMIN GJun 07, 2019
How to Load an EMV CAPK from a File Using uDemoIT-ADMIN GNov 28, 2022
How to output MSR track data without carriage returns (print all tracks on one-line)?Ryan HoFeb 05, 2024
How to parse the USB/KB encrypted data correctly with Parsomatic?Yan MuApr 20, 2023
How to perform a Remote Key Injection RKIIT-ADMIN GMay 20, 2019
How to Perform an EMV Transaction Test with an Augusta/Augusta S in USB HID Mode?Yan MuJan 03, 2024
How to poll the Spectrum Pro for information?Yan MuApr 20, 2023
How to program a 2D Scan (IDBA-6641LRB) to append a Tab instead of the default Enter at the end of the output?Yan MuApr 20, 2023
How to program the SREDKey with a F7 as prefix and F8 as suffix?Yan MuApr 20, 2023
How to re-configure the SecureMag from the USB HID to the USB KB mode or vice versa?Yan MuFeb 05, 2024
How to re-initialize the MSR key after the VP5300 firmware upgrading?Yan MuApr 20, 2023
How to read/write Mifare Plus card?Tzuling LinApr 05, 2018
How to read/write MiFare standard( type 04) cardTzuling LinNov 01, 2019
How to reconnect a disconnected VP3300BT?Yan MuApr 20, 2023
How to reset a reader to default settings in MagSwipe Configuration UtilityIT-ADMIN GNov 02, 2018
How to reset an Augusta reader to default settingsIT-ADMIN GJan 02, 2020
How to reset default settings on MiniMag II or SecureMagRyan HoJan 16, 2019
How to restrict the transaction when the pairing is lost between the VP5300 and L100?Yan MuDec 28, 2023
How to retrieve a CVM (Card Verification Method) list?IT-ADMIN GFeb 05, 2024
How to retrieve the CVC3 from Track2 contactless Mastercard transaction?Yan MuFeb 05, 2024
How to retrieve the entire configuration setting string from a SecuRED reader?Yan MuFeb 05, 2024
How to Retrieve the KSN from a MiniSmart IIIT-ADMIN GNov 30, 2022
How to save Contactless AIDs (NEO and NEO2 devices)IT-ADMIN GNov 25, 2019
How to Send Configure file-Brief version?Yan MuFeb 27, 2017
How to Set and Update the Device ClockChris BartonFeb 03, 2020
How to set Augusta Encryption Key Variant to Data or PIN Variant?IT-ADMIN GFeb 05, 2024
How to set Device Date and Time on NEO II readers.Tzuling LinDec 19, 2019
How to Set Kernel Config and How to Save Terminal Data using uDemoIT-ADMIN GOct 23, 2019
How to set the Polling Interval on a MiniMag II?IT-ADMIN GOct 01, 2018
How to set the Spectrum Pro's Terminal Settings to 3C?IT-ADMIN GFeb 05, 2024
How to switch Augusta (HID) to Augusta KB in uDemoRyan HoMay 31, 2018
How to switch Augusta KB to Augusta (HID) in uDemoRyan HoMay 31, 2018
How to test LEDs and Buzzer on a contactless (Vivo) reader?Tzuling LinOct 19, 2018
How to test/demo a MiniSmart II using the uDemo?IT-ADMIN GFeb 05, 2024
How to test/demo an SREDKey?IT-ADMIN GJul 02, 2019
How to Turn Off the Beeper on an Augusta or Augusta SIT-ADMIN GNov 22, 2022
How to turn on/off the beeping on VP3300 when the card is not removed in the dip slot?IT-ADMIN GFeb 05, 2024
How to unblock zip files in Windows 10IT-ADMIN GFeb 05, 2024
How to update firmware on PiPBrian ChiuFeb 05, 2024
How to update the bootloader, firmware and kernel files of the VP5300?Yan MuFeb 05, 2024
How to update the firmware and kernel on a VP6300IT-ADMIN GApr 03, 2020
How to update the Firmware for a Kiosk III?IT-ADMIN GJul 23, 2018
How to update the firmware on a VP5300? (and maybe an L100 PIN pad)IT-ADMIN GSept 19, 2018
How to update the firmware on an SREDKey?IT-ADMIN GJun 07, 2019
How to update the out of date .dll files in the Augusta demo (or other product specific Demo)?Yan MuApr 20, 2023
How to use 03-00 / 03-40 commands and parse the resultsIT-ADMIN GApr 20, 2023
How to use Autoconfig feature in the UniMag Demo?Miles BonnerAug 15, 2019
How to use the IDTECH SecureKey USB Demo to collect the required data for troubleshooting?Yan MuApr 20, 2023
How to use the MagSwipe Configuration software to send a manual command to the reader?Yan MuFeb 14, 2018
How to use the SecureMag Demo to collect the required data for troubleshooting?Yan MuOct 10, 2018
How to use the Selectable Kernels feature on NEO 2 Readers (VP5300) with an example?Tzuling LinJan 02, 2024
How to use VC Demo to test an USB/CCID Hybrid Insert reader?Yan MuDec 27, 2016
How-to: Contactless - Configurable AIDs and Groups. Delete / Disable AIDs (NEO2)IT-ADMIN GJan 24, 2020
I got the AC after the Authenticate Transaction. Is it safe to assume that the value returned in the 9F26 tag is the ARQC?Yan MuApr 20, 2023
I have an encrypting reader. How can I set it to leave gift cards unencrypted?IT-ADMIN GFeb 05, 2024
I sometimes see evidence of corruption in the returned card data...How can I fix this?IT-ADMIN GOct 01, 2018
IDRE-335133BR (Transarmor SecureMag) Not Working on Windows 10Jackson GrimmNov 30, 2022
Information for MINDBODY usersIT-ADMIN GNov 15, 2018
Inquiring about devices - Autoconfig IssueJackson GrimmApr 20, 2023
Instructions to set the audio configuration automaticallyIT-ADMIN GFeb 05, 2024
Integrating Applications for Multiple ID TECH SDKsChris BartonNov 28, 2022
Interpreting Tag 57 Data in a Visa EMV TransactionYan MuApr 20, 2023
Is there a maximum number of charging cycles for the VP3300 battery? And if the battery reaches the point where there is little to no capacity, will the card reader continue to function properly when connected to external power?Yan MuApr 20, 2023
Is There a Way to Remove All Groups, AIDs, CAPKs in a NEO Product (e.g., KIOSK III)?Yan MuApr 20, 2023
Is there some specific tracking requirements for a SRED certified device?Yan MuFeb 05, 2024
Is uDemo Only Compatible with Windows 10?Yan MuApr 20, 2023
MagSwipe Configuration Utility - How to configure card reader with a configure file provided?Yan MuFeb 05, 2024
Mifare access exampleTzuling LinOct 19, 2018
MM2 USB/HID Rawinput SupportYan MuApr 20, 2023
Mobile Reader keyboard emulationJackson GrimmMay 18, 2016
My iMag Pro II stopped working what should I do?IT-ADMIN GJan 09, 2018
My MiniSmart II does not appear in the Windows Device Manager. What can I do?IT-ADMIN GMay 01, 2019
My mobile device is not in the Shuttle compatibility list, what can I do?Ryan HoDec 26, 2017
My SREDKey Displays "Key Not Injected." How Can I Fix This?Yan MuNov 30, 2022
My SREDKey or SecureKey displays "Key Not Injected" when I tried to manually enter the card number and swipe a card . How can I fix this?IT-ADMIN GJul 11, 2018
My SREDKey/SecureKey Screen Displays "Activating..."; What Should I Do?Brian ChiuNov 30, 2022
My VP3300USB is stuck in USB KB mode, how do I get it back to the USB/HID mode?Yan MuJun 20, 2019
My VP3600 displays "Need Client Key". What does it mean?IT-ADMIN GFeb 05, 2024
My VP3600 prompts for "press key seq". What should I do?IT-ADMIN GFeb 18, 2019
NEO 1.2 - Home and FAQIT-ADMIN GAug 22, 2018
NEO 2 - Home and FAQIT-ADMIN GSept 05, 2018
NGA Command_Response ProtocolIT-ADMIN GApr 10, 2019
NGA, MiniSmart II, How to increase the Idle Waiting Time to 4sIT-ADMIN GMay 14, 2019
Pairing an VP5300 or VP5300M with an L80 and Configure it for an EMV Transaction TestIT-ADMIN GMar 19, 2024
Parsomatic. How to parse TLVs? How to parse transaction data (EMV, MSR or MSD)?IT-ADMIN GSept 06, 2017
PCI DSS - 13 GuidelinesIT-ADMIN GOct 10, 2017
Performing a Contact EMV Transaction Test with the VP5300Yan MuOct 27, 2022
Performing an EMV Transaction Test with the MiniSmart IIYan MuFeb 05, 2024
Performing an Offline PIN Transaction Without a PEK on the VP3600Richard BrooksNov 14, 2022
Pictures - HomeIT-ADMIN GFeb 11, 2020
PIN Block format ISO 9564 Format 0IT-ADMIN GFeb 05, 2024
Product Integration Topic - Augusta QuickChip KeyBoard fallback behaviorJason COct 08, 2018
Proving NFC Peer-to-Peer messaging on a KioskIII (ISO 18092)Richard BrooksJun 11, 2018
Pulling MSR Data with an Augusta Working in HID Buffer ModeYan MuApr 20, 2023
Q & A related to the salt keys injected into the products such as NEO II, KIOSK IV and KIOSK V (SRED and Non-SRED version units)Yan MuApr 20, 2023
Requesting an RMA Number to Return Units for RepairIT-ADMIN GOct 26, 2022