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Audio Jack CareJackson GrimmJan 03, 2024
Augusta QC KB: How Do I Set My Device's Serial Number for an EMV Transaction?Jason CJan 03, 2024
Augusta, Android, and USB Keyboard Mode IntegrationJackson GrimmJan 03, 2024
Bit and Byte NumberingIT-ADMIN GJan 03, 2024
Blog1001: Talk to a Credit Card Reader over RS-232 with Google ChromeIT-ADMIN GNov 14, 2022
Blog1005: How to Parse Magstripe Credit Card DataIT-ADMIN GOct 27, 2022
Blog1006: Introducing Augusta with Quick Chip: A Faster Way to Do EMVIT-ADMIN GNov 14, 2022
Blog1007: Read a Chip Card in Two Seconds with AugustaIT-ADMIN GNov 14, 2022
Blog1008: A Chip-Card Reader That Outputs Text!