Pulling MSR Data with an Augusta Working in HID Buffer Mode

In the uDemo, performing an MSR read can retrieve non-payment data (e.g., test a gift card for a non-payment application). Follow the steps below to get the MSR data for non-payment applications (employee, gift cards, and so on) with an Augusta working in HID mode. 

There is a sequence of commands that need to be sent to capture MSR data with the reader working in buffer mode (refer to 4.3.4 Buffer Mode of the Augusta IDG for details):

Ensure the reader is in the Buffer mode by sending (73 52 01 1A). Check the response to confirm the reader is set to 32.

Send the Arm to Read command (73 46 50 01 30) and make sure you receive an ACK response  of 06 (refer to 11.19 Arm To Read in the Augusta IDG for details).

Repeatedly send the Read Buffer Data command (73 46 51 01 30 for any MSR track data) and check the response (refer to 4.3.4 Buffer Mode of the Augusta IDG for possible responses) until it times out or the card is swiped.

Receive the card data from the data buffer.

Disarm the MSR by sending (73 50 01 32) at any point when pulling the data or send the Set Buffer Mode command (73 53 01 1A 01 32) as what uDemo does after the data is received to ensure the reader stays in buffered mode.

This uDemo screenshot shows the Start MSR test log with the five steps above identified in different frames: