Performing an EMV Transaction Test with the MiniSmart II

Follow the steps below to perform an EMV Transaction Test with a MiniSmart II reader:

  1. Connect the MiniSmart II to the host computer's USB or RS-232 port, depending on the reader's interface type.

  2. Launch uDemo (the DOT Net SDK Demo that can be downloaded from Universal Library for Visual Studio - Home).

  3. Wait for uDemo to recognize the reader (for the RS232 interface, you may need to go to Connection > Connect to Device > Serial Port and select the MiniSmart II so you can pick the COM port that the reader is connected to and the reader's baud rate).

  4. Set the reader to use the 2C terminal configuration.

  5. Check if any terminal data has been pre-loaded:

  6. If no terminal data is loaded in the reader (as shown in the above screenshot), follow the steps below to load the 2C default terminal data to the reader.

  7. Check to see if there are any AIDs loaded the reader.

  8. If the Results window shows No AID from the screenshot above, follow the steps below to load the default AIDs.

  9. Check if any CAPKs are loaded in the reader.

  10. Load the default CAPKs to the reader if the Results window from the screenshot above shows No any CA Key.

  11. Start the EMV transaction test and follow the prompt shown in the yellow pane to insert the card.

  12. Check the EMV result in the Results window.