SecureKey M130 Setting the Admin Level


I have a SecureKey M130 part # IDKE-543833BL - They are working fine with card swiping but not working properly for manual entry.


When this happens, a common issue is that the admin level was inadvertently changed. 


The admin level can be changed by pressing the admin key and corresponding number on the keypad.  It can also be changed by firmware commands in the SecureKey demo.


To review the current admin level, type 52 8E into the upper text window of the demo, then press send command.  The result should be below and in a response like "8E 01 XX" the XX should be a two digit value following one of these parameters:


Admin Level ID - 8E

Admin Level Setting options

0B, 15, 1F, 29, 33, 3D


0B = Admin 1

15 = Admin 2

1F = Admin 3

29 = Admin 4

33 = Admin 5

3D = Admin 6


To set the setting, the command is 53 8E 01 XX where XX is one of these two digit values.