Requesting an RMA Number to Return Units for Repair

What is an RMA?

Return Merchandise Authorization. You will need to get an RMA number to send or return merchandise to ID TECH. Any shipments to ID TECH without an RMA number will be rejected. We issue RMAs for credit, for repair, and for key injection. The RMA number is an identification number recorded in our RMA database, used to collect and maintain all information about the RMA from beginning to end. 

For Repair: 

You will generally get an RMA for repair from Tech Support. They will help you troubleshoot the product and can look up the serial number to see if it qualifies for service under warranty.

For Credit

Sales can issue an RMA for credit if you need to return a product that you've purchased. 

For Key injection:

Sales can issue an RMA for key injection. A key injection is a billable service, so sales creates a sales order and arranges for payment. They help to identify the part number for the key to be injected.

When requesting an RMA number please include as much of the following information as possible:

  1. Your name, company, and contact info (email, phone number)
  2. The part number or model number and serial for each unit being sent
  3. A return address: where the repaired or injected units should be shipped when the service is finished

For each unit returned, we need to know the issues that led you to return the unit. Reference a Tech Support case number, if you can. Be explicit; stating "not working" as a reason for return will delay the process as we try to understand the issue. 

RMA for Repair

No Problem Found (NPF): 

Units sent to us for repair that work and pass all of our tests are subject to a $35 service fee, even when under warranty.

User Induced:

A unit sent to us for repair with evidence of physical damage or contamination will be deemed "user induced" and not covered under warranty.  If you wish the unit repaired, the flat-rate service fee for that specific product applies. If you just wish the unit returned "as is" without repairs, the $35 basic diagnostic fee still applies, even within the one-year warranty period.

How to Request an RMA for Repairs

  1. Send your request for RMA to Tech Support ( Include the device information (model number and serial number) and a description of the issue. To report the issue as efficiently as possible, use the industry-standard "expected/actual format." For example:

PROBLEM: State the problem. include version numbers. Describe the user's experience/observations.

STEPS: List the steps to reproduce the problem (preferable in uDemo so we can eliminate the idea it is caused by your code).



2. You will receive a reply with the Tech Support Case number. Tech Support will help to validate that the unit is in need of repair. Tech support will issue the RMA number and you will receive the number with shipping instructions.

ID TECH RMA Repair Policy

IDTECH products have one year warranty from the invoice date. All products sold by IDTECH are guaranteed to be free from defects. But, warranties do not cover failures caused by physical abuse or improper usage (user induced). 

a. For warranty repair return, there is no service fee for the repair. Customers are to cover the freight on the way to IDTECH. IDTECH pays the freight on the way back to the customer.

   Note: A basic service charge of $35 plus return freight will be applied to each returned unit with "No Problem Found" (NPF) or "User Induced".

b. For out-of-warranty repair return, the service fee will be quoted to the customer base on the product model number.

   Note: * A basic service charge of $35 will be applied to each returned unit (waived if the unit will be serviced with the quoted service fee).

            * IDTECH does not offer out-of-warranty service on mobile readers or Secure Heads.

Out of Warranty Repair Fees 
Product LineModel NumberService FeeWarrantyPart number
Augusta/Augusta SAll models$108/$1381 yearIDEM-x
BTPay 200All models$1801 yearIDMR-PBT81133TEB
EasyMagTTL / Decoded models$45/$701 yearIDEA-
MiniMagTTL / Decoded models$40/$652 yearsIDMB-
OmniTTL / Decoded models$75/$1051 yearWCR3
Omni (Sealed)TTL / Decoded models$45/$851 yearWCR32x7-x00xS
Pin PadsAll old models$1251 yearIDPA, IDPB-8x
Reader/WriterIDWA series$2501 yearIDWA-
Scanner2D Scan/2D Scan FX100$2503 yearsIDBA-664xLRB
Blue Scan$2503 yearsIDBA-4243LRB
Blue Scan Battery$651/2 yearBAT011R
Econo I&II CCD / Wands$653 yearsIDBA-4244SRB / IDT12x
ValueScan$653 yearsIDBA-4244MRB
VersaScan I, II & III$653 yearsIDBB-4241LRB / IDBC-4441LR
SecuREDAll models$851 yearIDSR-
SecureKeyM100 & M130$1001 yearIDKE-
SecureMagAll models$751 yearIDRE-
Sign & PayAll models$2001 yearIDFA-
SmartPayID-80091001-001$1154 yearsID-80091001-001
SmartPinK100(PCI 3.X)$1801 yearIDPB-9
B100$2251 yearIDPB-7
L100$2251 yearIDPB-6
Spectrum InsertTTL / Decoded models$60/$901 yearSPTx-
Spectrum ProAll models$2501 yearSPTP-
SREDKeyAll models$1101 yearIDSK-
TedLiteID-80086001$951 yearID-80086001-001/-002
VP3300 versionsAll models$981 yearIDMR-AB93133(W), IDVP-XX, IDMR-BT9XXXXX
uSignuSign200/uSigh300$125/$1501 yearIDUA- / IDUB-
Vend IIIAll models$2181 yearIDVV-380131
VersaKeyAll models$801 yearIDKA-
VivoPayKIOSK II & III, Vendi, VP 4800, Vend$1251 year1 year (For KIOSK II & III, Main $75, Antenna $50)
All OthersCall for price ($75/hr labor + Parts)

All prices and fees are subject to change without notice. Check with the sales team for the latest information.