Why the MagSwipe Config Utility doesn't show all buttons on Win 10 Enterprise?


I downloaded the 80046804-009 MagSwipe Configuration Utility v2.3.5_A.zip from this page https://idtechproducts.atlassian.net/wiki/display/KB/MiniMag+Duo+(IDMB-35XX-XXX)+-+Home
unzipped and used setup.exe Restarted computer and launched the utility.
The buttons that I see in the documentation "send to MSR", "save to file", "load from file", "Default all", and "close" are not showing in the utility. I tried changing my resolution and tabbing to try and get to the buttons but they don't seem to exist. The window will also not resize. I'm running this on Windows 10 Enterprise


Check the Display Settings under Scale and Layout to Change the size of the text, apps, and other items back to 100% if greater.