Augusta QC KB: How Do I Set My Device's Serial Number for an EMV Transaction?

Q: How do I set my device's serial number and retrieve it for an EMV transaction using the Augusta QC KB, or the Augusta during a standard EMV transaction? 


EMV has defined Tag 9F1E to hold some device serial numbers. This tag is eight bytes long. In our default terminal configuration, it's set to: 9F1E 08 5465726D696E616C (converting hex -> ASCII shows 'Terminal'). ID TECH doesn't store device serial numbers in this tag, as our serial numbers are 10 characters long.

You should be able to store a desired serial number in the device with this Tag (note: this doesn't impact the actual device serial number, which is stored separately). The downside is that you'll have to store the value for each device (ideally with a configuration tool).