How to Add a Post-Amble of Enter to the Output for an Augusta/Augusta S in KBQC Mode

CRLF means carriage and line feed. It is equivalent to the Enter key with the reader working in the KBQC mode. Follow the numbered steps in the screenshot below to configure the reader:

1. By default, a terminal Enter will be at the end of the MSR output, so there is no need to send 53 D3 02 01 0D to set the post-amble for MSR output. To remove the Enter terminator, send 53 21 01 00 with ITP. To remove the track separator, send 53 17 01 00 with ITP Wrap.

2. If you see two Enters at the end of MSR output, check the Terminator 52 21 and MSR post-amble 52 D3, then remove either one using the proper command.