Why the default tags are gone after adding the DFEF5A tag to Augusta reader's terminal configuration?


We have some tags that we need that are not part of the default transaction output of the 5C Augusta configuration.

9F40 - Additional Terminal Capabilities
9F06 - AID
9F33 - Terminal Capabilities
9F35 - Terminal Type
9F1A - Country Code

To get these into the transaction output we have tried utilizing the DFEF5A tag. I have found though that if you add output tags to the config 5A tag, you will only receive those tags.

Is there a way to use the 5A tag AND also get the default output tags? 


Once you use the output list tag DFEF5A in the 5C terminal data, the default output TLVs will be replaced and the Augusta reader will only output those TLVs specified in Tag DFEF5A. (besides DFEE25/DFEE26/DFEEE12/DFEE57). So, you will need to include ALL tags you need in the DFEF5A tag.