How do I update the firmware on the Augusta/MiniSmart II?

Scope: This article is intended to provide a step by step guide for updating the standard (non-SRED) Augusta firmware with the bootloader tool. The updating the Minismart II should follow the same steps:

The most recent release version of the Augusta firmware package can be found here: Augusta (IDEM-2XXAA-ZZ): Home NON-SRED ONLY

The most recent release version of the Minismart II firmware package can be found here:  MiniSmart II (MINI2-XXa-CC): Home

The firmware package contains the latest released firmware file and bootloader. The images in this walkthrough may use an older version of firmware/bootloader, but the steps should remain the same.

You can also use the uDemo to update the device firmware. The latest uDemo can be found here: uDemo (USDK_DEMO) - Home

Before beginning: 

  1. Ensure your Augusta is in USB-HID mode. If it is in keyboard mode, you can set it to USB-HID mode via the uDemo.
  2. Ensure that no other program is trying to interact with the Augusta during the bootloading process. Ex. the update will fail if both the bootloader and the uDemo are running. 

How to update Via the uDemo to update firmware:

  1. unzip the firmware package. In the zip file, there should have a file named "
  2. In the "commands" box , click on  "device"→ "update device firmware" and then click "execute Command":
  3. A file selection box should open. Select the desired Augusta firmware and click "open":
  4. After opening the firmware file, the uDemo should begin the firmware update process. Please allow about 2-3 minutes for the firmware update to complete:
  5. After the firmware update succeeds, please unplug and re-plug in the Augusta. 

How to use the bootloader to update firmware:

  1. unzip the firmware package.
  2. Open Bootloader: With the Augusta plugging into a USB port, run the "IDTechBootload.exe" file in the firmware package. It should look something like this: 
  3. Load firmware file: click "load firmware file". A file system dialog box should pop up with the corresponding firmware (.fm) file. Select the firmware file you want to load and click "open" (image a). After successfully loading the firmware file, the file info box should be populated with firmware information (image b)
  4. Start Bootloader: Click the "Bootload' button (image a). The result box should now say "Bootload Enter Okay" and a progress bar should appear (image b)
  5. Finish Bootloader: after a few minutes, the results box should read "Bootload Succeeded!"

To enable Quick chip on the Augusta after a firmware update, please read this article: 

How Do I Enable/Disable Quick Chip for KeyBoard Emulation (QCKB) on the Augusta?

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