How to use the SecureMag Demo to collect the required data for troubleshooting?

When you contact IDTECH for support on your SecureMag or SecureHead reader, you will always be asked to provide the sample encrypted data output and configuration setting string from a known good unit and the not working unit.  This article provides the steps to collect them.

Step-by-step guide

1. Download the SecureMag USB Demo and double-clicking the ".exe" file from the extract file folder to launch the Demo with the not working devices connected to a USB port and wait for the Demo to report the type of the device detected (see #1 in the screenshot below)

2. Select the "Read Current Current Configuration" under the "General Setting" menu, you should see the entire setting string as highlighted in the screenshot below. Copy and paste the entire OUT string (#3 in the screenshot below) into the email body 

3. Set the cursor in the white window on top, swipe a credit card through the device. You should have the encrypted data output there. (# 4 in the screenshot below). Please copy and paste the entire output into the email body

4. Disconnect the not working unit and connect the working unit to the host PC and wait for the unit to be detected (# 1 in the screenshot above)

5. Repeat the Step 2 and Step 3 to collect the reader's configuration setting string and the sample card data output 

6. Email the 4 pieces of data collected from both the not working and the working units with a brief description of the problem to us ( 

If you have an RS232 (serial) interface SecureMag/SecureHead, use the SecureMag RS232 Demo instead.