Terminal Configurations - L2 common kernel, Gen 1 and Gen 2

What is the EMV L2 Kernel

  • Is a set of functions that provide the processing logic and data required to perform an EMV contact transaction
  • EMV Co provides the requirements for the EMV L2 kernel and we submit our kernel as of the current specification
  • When submitting an EMV L2 kernel to the labs for approval, ID TECH has to define what criteria that kernel is meant to support, this is a terminal configuration

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Kernel Comparisons

Gen 1 Kernel – V1.10

  • Terminal Configurations: 1C – 5C

  • Status: Restricted Renewal: Expires Nov 2022 (L3s ok through Nov 2023)

Gen 2 Kernel – V1.20

  • Terminal Configurations: 1C-23C
    • Supports terminal type 14 = ATM
    • SPOC = 21C
  • Renewal Date: July 2022

Configuration Variations:

  • 1C = Attended online/offline, PIN Bypass, PIN/Signature Cardholder Verification Method (CVM)
  • 2C = Attended online, no PIN, Cardholder Confirmation (CC), Signature CVM
  • 3C = Unattended online/offline, no PIN bypass, CC, PIN/Signature CVM
  • 4C = 3C with "NO CVM" only, no CC
  • 5C = 2C with no CC
  • 6C = 1C with no CC
  • 7C = 3C with no CC
  • 8C = 1C with "NO CVM" only
  • 9C = 2C with "NO CVM" only
  • 10C = 3C with "NO CVM" only
  • 11C = 2C with "NO CVM" only, with no CC
  • 12C = 1C with "NO CVM" only, with no CC
  • 13C = 3C with PIN bypass
  • 14C = 3C with no CC, with PIN bypass
  • 15C= 1C without PIN bypass
  • 16C= 1C with no CC, without PIN bypass
  • 17C= 2C without SDA/CDA/DDA, with no CC
  • 18C= 2C without SDA/CDA/DDA, with "NO CVM" only, with no CC
  • 19C = 1C without Online enciphered PIN
  • 20C = ATM
  • 21C = 1C Attended online, online PIN, no PIN bypass, with CC
  • 22C = 1C with no online PIN
  • 23C = 3C with no online PIN, and with PIN bypass


  • NEO 2.0 products support both the v1.10 (Gen 1) and v1.20 (Gen 2)
  • Non-NEO 2 products may support Gen 2. Case by case. Some have hardware limitations that prevent it from supporting Gen 2