How to get the USB/HID TransArmor SecureMag (model: IDRE-335133B-RP) recognized correctly by Windows 8/10?

While the IDTECH MagStripe Swiper model IDRE-335133B-RP has been working with Windows XP and Windows 7, it appears that Microsoft made some changes to their support of Human Interface Devices (HID) in Windows 8/10.  This is what talks to the IDTECH device over the USB port and is a built-in feature of Windows.  When connecting to a Win 10 machine, the device beeps about twenty times and it remains powered (green light on), but any attempt to interact with it fails.  Then looking at the devices in Windows 10, it says "ID TECH USB SecureMag Swipe Reader” and “Driver Error” on the line just below.  

  1. The USB/HID TransArmor SecureMag needs to be recognized as an "USB HID Input Device" under the Human Interface Devices in Device Manager. Upon insertion to the USB port of a Win 8/10, it will show up as an "IdTech SecureMag Magnetic Stripe Reader" under POS HID Magnetic Stripe Reader. Attached is the tool with instruction included for you to start the converting service to get it recognized correctly as an "USB HID Input Device" (Note: On Windows 10 the process must be ran with elevated administrator permissions or it will fail to install)
  2. Once the device is being recognized, you can test the reader using the attached Demo made specifically for the TransArmor SecureMag.
    SecureMag Transarmor