How do I Check and Activate Encryption on the Augusta?


Once encryption is on it CANNOT be turned off. To turn it off, the reader will need to be returned to ID TECH. Encryption On/Off is set individually for MagStripe transactions and ICC (chip) transactions, I.e. You can have encryption on MSR while leaving it off for ICC cards. Or, On for both. Or Off for both.


Before you begin, have the following items prepared:


  1.  Plug in the device, and ensure that the device is powered on. A blue LED light should light up, indicating the device is on and receiving power.

  2. Wait for the drivers to install. This may take a while. Upon success, the user should hear a quick beeping noise from the machine. This indicates the device is now properly installed.

  3. Open the Universal SDK Demo (uDemo), and verify that the device name is correct in the Connection window (# 1 in the screenshot below) 

  4. Under the COMMANDS window, navigate to the Config, click the "+" sign to expand the command tree,  and double-click "Get Enc. Control" or single click then click the Execute Command button (shown below). This will get the current encryption settings on the device. 

The example in the screenshot above shows both MSR (Swipe Reader) and ICC/EMV are checked which means the encryption for both is enabled.  If neither of them is checked, the encryption is not enabled for both.

  1. If neither option is checked or "On" in the Results window, you can enable either one or both as needed with the steps shown in the screenshot below: 

  2. Repeat the Get Encryption Control to verify the encryption is properly enabled for MSR, ICC, or both as needed