How to Perform an EMV Transaction Test with an Augusta/Augusta S in USB HID Mode?

Follow the steps below to test the Augusta in USB HID mode with uDemo:

  1. Check the reader's current KB Mode status to see if it's in USB HID mode with the steps below:

  2. If the unit is in QuickChip KB mode (as the above screenshot shows), disable the KBQC mode with the steps below.

  3.  Exit and re-launch uDemo, then check the KB mode again to confirm it's set to HID mode.

  4. Set the Kernel Config to 2C with the steps below.

  5. Save the default 2C Terminal Data.

  6. Load the Default AIDs.

  7.  Load the Default CAPKs.

  8. Start an EMV Transaction test and insert the chip card with the chip facing the MSR slot side.

  9. Wait for uDemo to finish the test transaction and check the results in the yellow display area and the Results pane.


If the transaction fails, you may be prompted to swipe the magnetic card instead and see the swipe result in the uDemo.

You may want to send the entire contents of the Results and Logs panes to the Support Portal to create a support ticket for help with troubleshooting if the test fails.