How to set Augusta Encryption Key Variant to Data or PIN Variant?

The Augusta can be set to PIN variant encryption or Data variant encryption. It must be set per the decrypting party's requirement. For example, Mercury Payment Systems requires PIN Variant encryption, but most payment processors require a Data variant. The data variant is the default. The setting has to be done before key injection. Once a unit has been injected with a key the encryption key variant can no longer be changed. this means that any KIF (key injection facility) can reinject an Augusta with a new key as long as an encryption variant does not change. Only ID TECH can clear the variant once a key has been injected.

The commands to check and set the encryption key variant are documented on page 31 of the Augusta and Augusta S Low-Level API Guide 80145504-001

The command to set an August to PIN variant is 78 53 01 02 01 01

The command to check the encryption variant set is 78 52 01 02