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Update!: ID TECH has confirmed that iOS 13.2 resolves the issue.

Lightning Connector Notice

ID TECH has had to update the lightning connector component on iMag Pro II due to the previous connector going end-of-life.  During the validation of the new connector, ID TECH found that certain legacy iOS revisions were not able to work with the pass-through charging feature of the device.  Below is a chart indicating which revision of the iMag Pro II are affected, and which iOS versions are supported for each:

iMag Pro II Part Number & Revision

iOS version that supports pass-through charging

IDMR-AL30133 Rev J (and below)

iOS 9.3.5 and above

IDMR-AL30133 Rev K (and above)

iOS 12.4.5 (and above)

Quick Facts

  • Description: Mobile Reader for Apple mobile devices with a Lightning connector
  • Encrypting reader: fully supports TDES and AES data encryption using DUKPT key management method
  • Magnetic Stripe only reader. Bidirectional with 3 tracks readability (no contactless, no ICC)
  • Interface(s): Lightning connector for Apple mobile devices
  • Pass-through charging: through the micro USB port on the side (allows you to power the iPad or iPhone while the reader is connected)

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ZIP Archive iMag SDK demo This is the iMag SDK Demo Rebuilt to replace the expired file in the V3.2 SDK package

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ZIP Archive iMagPro 80097802-010_iMag_SDK_v3.2 updated on 08/05/2021 06:04 pm

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PDF File 80097508-001 iMag iMag Pro(II) SDK User Manual.pdf

Feb 25, 2020 by Chris Barton

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