Augusta, Android, and USB Keyboard Mode Integration

Q: I'm using an Augusta with an Android device and I'm getting errors or character loss on swipe. Why is this happening and what can I do?


In the case of an error, check the data in Notes or another space or app on that Android device that won't parse or reformat the results to confirm that there is character loss. In case this is unclear, you can also test the reader on Notepad using a Windows computer. Our Parsomatic tool can confirm your findings.

After confirming, please adjust the character delay per the below setting details in case doing so corrects the issue. See the manual for details. Augusta in Keyboard mode supports ITP format.

In case you're programming the device or using it in HID mode, the Task for this command is 73. The manual includes details on NGA protocol, although in case of data integrity issues with the device in HID mode, configure the polling interval instead (Task 73 Function ID 14), but note that for the Augusta, the polling interval is not supported in Keyboard mode.

Set Character Delay

52 12 - Review Setting

53 12 01 XX - Set Setting

30 - 2ms output delay per character

31 - 4ms output delay per character

32 - 6ms output delay per character

33 - 8ms output delay per character

34 - 10ms output delay per character

35 - 12ms output delay per character

36 - 0ms output delay per character

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