How to parse the USB/KB encrypted data correctly with Parsomatic?

When I drop swipe data from a USB keyboard interface reader into the tool, it doesn't parse correctly. How can I get the data correctly parsed with Parsomatic?

The output from a USB/keyboard interface reader contains ASCII and HEX combined data.  With Parsomatic, it only parses the data correctly when it's all in Hex.  What you can do is:

  1.  Highlight the mask data field which is in ACSII with USB/KB interface reader.

  2. Click the "Convert ASCII to Hex" button below the data window once you have the ASCII data highlighted. That'll get the ASCII data converted to Hex (in case you don't see the Convert ASCII button on screen, try clicking on free space and after detecting ASCII in the window, it should pop up).

  3. Click the "Parse" button to get the Hex data parsed correctly.