How to Clear the Removal Detection Logs in an L80 Using a VP5300?



Also applicable to SmartPIN L100

The command sequences listed on this page are also applicable to the L100 PINPad.

L80 units generate two logs: one when enabling PINPads and one when disabling PINPads. Enabling and disabling PINPads multiple times will cause an L80's log to fill up, resulting in the L80 beeping rapidly and disallowing PINPad activation. 

To clear the L80's log, use pass-through mode and a VP5300. Pass-through mode allows the VP5300 to issue commands directly to L80.

If you are working with a Spectrum Pro, see: How to Clear the Removal Detection Logs in an L80? 

Before You Begin

Please download and install the latest version of uDemo:

Clearing Logs

Connect the L80 to the VP5300, then connect the VP5300 to your host device via your preferred interface. Make sure that the L80 is connected and awake and complete the following steps:

  1. In uDemo, under the Device tab, select the Send NEO Command option in the commands list.

  2. In the dialog box, enter CMD = 63, Sub = 02, Hex Data = 01 to enter pass-through mode and select Execute Command.

    The Results pane should display Send P2 Command successful.

  3. To clear the log files on the L80, select Send Data Command (ensuring the Wrap NGA radio button is selected) enter 78 52 01 51, and select Execute Command.

    The Results pane should display the response from the log file dump if this is the first time you have run the command.
    If you receive a "Send Command Fail Error Code: 0x3: time out for task or CMD" response, make sure your L80 is powered and awake.
    In the above screenshot, there were no logs to dump. If you see this, your L80 is clean.
    You can resend this command to ensure you see this response.

  4. To exit pass-through mode on the VP 5300, select Send NEO Command and enter the following dialog box: CMD = 63, Sub = 02, Data = 00, and select Execute Command to exit pass-through mode

Your L80 reader is now ready for pairing and setting passwords.