Node Driver for Virtual Terminal Demo

NOTE: This demo is no longer supported.

The Virtual Terminal Demo (public-facing version here) will let you do contactless transactions with VP3300, UniPay III, or BTPay Mini (in USB mode), as well as Quick Chip transactions with Augusta. Transactions go through CreditCall's test server for authorization in real time, over the internet. 

To use the demo in conjunction with NEO devices (VP3300, BTPay Mini, UniPay III) you will need to install the Node driver on your Windows machine: (11Mb). ← download this zip file!

Installing and running the driver is super-easy, because you can put it anywhere on your (Windows) machine, and there is no "installer" to run. All you have to do is download the zip file, expand it, and run start.bat.

Here is a detailed description of how to get the driver running on your machine:

  1. Download the archive (see link above). Put it anywhere.
  2. Expand the archive.
  3. Find the start.bat file (see red outline below). Double-click that file to run it.

  4. When you run start.bat, a black console window will open (see below). Just leave the console window open for as long as you use the Virtual Terminal demo. (Closing the console window will stop the driver.) You can minimize the console, but don't actually close it.

That's pretty much it. With the driver running, you can go to to see the Virtual Terminal demo in your browser.

Read the Readme.txt file in the folder for more info.

You can freely redistribute the driver (zip archive) to customers, as long as they understand it's on a "use at your own risk" basis.

How to Know If It Is Working

When the driver is working, you should be able to go to and see a picture of your reader (VP3300, BTPay Mini, UniPay III, Augusta) show up in the browser window. If no picture appears in the upper right corner of your browser window, unplug your reader and plug it back in. The driver should then recognize the reader and cause its picture to appear.


The Virtual Terminal demo, with Node driver, is able to do contactless transactions (only)  with UniPay III, VP3300, or BTPay Mini (in USB mode). It is not currently able to do contact EMV with these devices (use Augusta with Quick Chip for contact EMV), nor is it set up to do MSR.

The Node driver works on Windows. It is not designed to work on Linux nor MacOS.

The Virtual Terminal demo app has been tested (with the Node driver) in Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 10. It works in all 3 of these browsers and is expected to work in others (but has not been tested in Safari nor Opera). 

Note that the Virtual Terminal demo should work fine with Augusta/Quick Chip on Windows as well as Linux, and it may work on some versions of MacOS. Augusta in keyboard mode is known to be incompatible with some older versions of MacOS. This is a known limitation of Augusta, not the demo app. 

The Node driver is strictly for Windows – and is only needed if you want to do contactless transactions with VP3300, UniPay III, or BTPay Mini in USB mode. You will not need the driver to do contact EMV with Augusta/Quick Chip.


The Virtual Terminal demo supports AES or TDES encryption (as long as units have been injected with the ANSI standard demo key).

Encrypted data will not work if units have been injected with a production key. Only demo-key encryption is supported.

The Virtual Terminal app does not support TransArmor encryption, nor "VisaDSP" (also known as FPE, or format-preserving encryption). These encryption types are relatively uncommon.

Virtual Terminal Demo URL:    BOOKMARK THIS URL

NOTE: If that URL is down, contact the server administrator, Jason C (Deactivated).

If you have questions about the Virtual Terminal demo, or the driver, contact Kas Thomas (Deactivated).